March 22, 2020


Dear ILOTA Members,


ILOTA recognizes the impact of Covid-19 (coronavirus) on individuals, families, the nation, and our world as we all adapt to these uncertain times. OT Practitioners across the state of Illinois have all been challenged to remain healthy and ensure safe practices to prevent further community spread. As many of you have worked in various sectors or continue to be on the front lines, the influx of executive orders at the local, state, and national level can cause confusion as to what steps to take next. Of the utmost importance is to ensure your safety and that of your family, while following orders to reduce and prevent community spread.


As we embark on a new week, there have been numerous questions and discussions around helping practitioners determine whether they can continue to practice, in what capacity, and whether their establishments can and will remain open. Various executive orders that impact professional practice, including related guidance and resources, have been disseminated at the federal, state, and local level. ILOTA would like to provide you with a means to access those in efforts to help you stay safe, as well as continue providing services, if applicable.


Below are brief statements and resources that have been compiled to help you find personal and professional guidance to stay safe and remain abreast of developments during this time. The information contained here is not to be taken as legal advice and ILOTA recommends that you make decisions that are best for you and in accordance with your respective establishments.


Also, keep in mind that things continue to change by the moment and we aim to provide you with information as we receive it. It is recommended that you revisit the respective resources frequently for any updates.


Throughout this time, please continue to visit trusted websites and social media sites for further information. We recommend that everyone continue to listen to the guidance provided by your local, state, and national leaders to remain healthy and safe. Establish a support network and please reach out and connect with organizations that might be able to provide you with additional support and resources. Find a way to engage in those routines and occupations to get you and your family through this, practice social distancing, and above all else, try to stay safe and healthy while addressing your social-emotional well-being.




James Hill, OTR/L

President, Illinois Occupational Therapy Association